Going to an event especially the formal and high class ones can be stressing. If you have everything planned out then you can take the overwhelming feeling a notch. If you are not used to going to an event here are some reminders for you to remember for your next event. Looking fabulous to wherever you’re going, has never been easy but with the right decisions you can totally look the part.  


Clean and Tidy  

You should make sure that everything is clean from your shoes to your car. Arriving in an event looking bedraggled and dirty is not the way to go and arrive. So before leaving your house make sure that you look clean and tidy. If earlier in the day you went out to get something and you dirtied your car make sure to stop by a car wash shop to get it looking spic and span. It is always a go to look even if you are wearing simple unbranded clothes if you are clean looking then you can wear it with confidence.  

Go with the Theme  

Usually when we are invited to any event there would be a theme. If the event doesn’t have one then make a theme that you think would fit the event. Don’t go overboard with it though you don’t want to look like the peacock in a hens party. Well, unless that is the look you are going for, to each their own.   

Hair and makeup 

 You should also think of your hair and make up to fit the event you’re attending. If it’s some formal event then you should go for classic looks they are always fool proof and you would look elegant with them. If however it’s some party that you can get away with a more avant garde look then you can go for the crazy ones too. As for your make up like your hair you should also make them fit to whatever even you are attending.  

Clothes are important too 

One of the things that people see first when you arrive in a party or event is the clothes. Just remember Rihanna and her meme dress. Unless you are going to a wedding where you don’t want to upstage the bride you should always dress your best and within you comfort zone. You don’t want to be wearing a dress that is way out of your comfort zone as this will make you uncomfortable and you won’t be able to enjoy yourself in the party.   

Shoes to look good 

Shoes are important to tie the whole look together. So you should choose your shoes well. It should be something that you are also comfortable. If you can’t walk in sky high heels then don’t do it. You won’t be able to walk at all and rather you would be wobbling all night. That is bad for your feet and knees and you still won’t be able to have fun.